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medical bills covered for dates coverage was in effect?

I have a health insurance policy with a regional HMO. I went to the hospital for a couple of days towards the end of JULY and then released on the 31st of July. As of AUG 1st a new health policy I had contracted with a different company kicked in.
However, I have paid and let my old policy with the HMO run for an extra month just to be super sure things would cross over smoothly from the old insurance policy to the new.
My question is: if I cancel my old policy now (say August 17th), would the insurance company backing that policy still have to cover those expenses? Or would they allege that because I now have ended the policy somehow they are no longer responsible (or willing) to cover the hospital bills incurred while I was covered by them in July?

Is this something I should watch out for? Or possibly hold off on cancelling the old policy until they have paid off the hospital?

I know legally they would have to be but sometimes things aren't what they seem, so I ask.
Any insights from someone who knows the insurance company procedures (or better yet behavior) would be appreciated.

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replied August 23rd, 2010
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Your last stay in the hospital was 31 July and your new policy took effect 1 Aug.

As long as your policy was in effect at time of service you are good.

You may want to contact the previous insurance company and see if they have received and processed your claims for the dates in which you were hospitalized.

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