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medical abortion, worried about so little blood.

Day 2 (3:30-4:00): I went back to the clinic and was given codeine first, then painkillers (as a suppository)and finally the Misoprostol (vaginally). The nurse (and bless her she was brilliant on both visits) told me the best advice ever: If you panic it will hurt more. When it becomes painful breath loudly and as slowly as you can through your mouth, focus on the breathing and the pain will pass. (That trick worked so so well) My boyfriend and I went back to our friends flat they had let us use. He stayed with me all the time. About an hour later the cramps started and yes it was tough for a while (1-2hrs) but it never became "unbearable" (thank you pain killers deep breathing and heat pad).At 6:30 I took 2 ibuprofen as advised. I had heavy bleeding for around 7hrs and around 7pm I passed something long heavy and flat (sorry for being graphic).By 12 I was very tired but no longer in any pain and was able to eat some ice cream my other half made for me and slept very well. I woke early Sun and was surprize to find my pad was not soaked, I took my antibiotics and more ibuprofen took it easy and went for a small walk to the shop on return I felt weird like I had a tampon in. When I went to the loo something "popped" out.(details on request!) Since then I've a very light bleed like the last day of my period and cramps are very minimal.
I'm really worried it may not have worked as my experience was no where as painful or horrific as some stories here. And i'm bleeding so little since Sat. It all seems dare I say it a little too easy.
Can someone who has some med knowledge please help I'm bk in Ireland today where trying to get any post abortion help is very hard. "Sorry we can't see you till it's been two weeks since the termination, you'll just have to wait"
However I am feeling more bk to myself and have way more energy again today..... Good signs right??
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