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I've been taking generic adderall tablets for ADHD for a few months and have recently been noticing a lot less benefit now. Whenever I try to discontinue the medicine I become very tired and depressed. My doctor gave me some instructions on doing a taper but I'm not certain if it will help or not. For my focus and concentration during the day, it is becoming increasingly harder to focus and get things done. Now my doctor has prescribed Buspar last week and that made me feel worse. I am taking 20 mg 3x/day now and it just seems to make me more tired.

From my own observations, I tend to respond better to non-serotonin agents. The only exception being maybe SNRI's, but I have significant withdrawal coming off SNRI's, so after getting off my 4th round of Effexor XR and having poor luck with Pristiq, I'm starting to lose hope at treating MDD with chronic ADHD hyperactive type.

I'm becoming saddened and I wish to feel better but not even medicine nor psychotherapy is doing a lot. I even tried taking Pristiq with generic Adderall and my response was horrible to that combination. Then I tried Effexor XR with generic Adderall and it was also terrible just in a different way.

I just don't know what to do anymore... I am constantly sad and have even been feeling as though I don't want to wake up anymore some days so I told my doctor and he just said go to the ER if needed and I have several times but I just come back home feeling the same way again.
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