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I have a friend who has just turned 18 and has been recently diagnosed with MS. I myself dont know much about MS only what wikipedia could tell me. She has recently told me shes interested in trying MDMA, i myself have tried this as have various of my friends. Im not interested in ANY anti drug talk or comments about the usual effects of MDMA on the body if im aware that MDMA is an illicit drug and again that isnt the answer im looking for. What i want to know is, are there any side effects of taking MDMA if you have MS that you wouldnt usually get if you didnt have MS? Will MDMA make MS worse or induce an episode?

Thanks in advance,
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replied July 30th, 2009
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There is always a chance this drug could cause an episode or make MS worse.

I'd suggest that your friend speak with his/her neurologist about taking this particular drug as to how it might affect or not affect a person with MS. Every MSer is different. It could be a short term attack or it could turn the MS from mild to progressively worse with no recovery.

Increased body heat for a person with MS can bring on an attack and correct me if I am wrong...MDMA increases body temperature.

Again, your friend really needs to speak to a neurologist about this.

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replied February 5th, 2013
risk reduction stratagies for MDMA and MS
I have gone down this road and had no immediate adverse effects, however! yes there is a but... you've friend should ensure that she eats super healthy, every vitamin under the sun, and gets lots of rest both leading up to and after her play-time. The drugs WILL stress the immune system, and staying up all night drinking alcohol walking around in the cold is only going to make her ill. If this is something she really wants to do it IS risky, but she'll improove her odds of avoiding an attack by minimizing the other stresses on her system. Stay warm, don't drink alcohol, get loads of sleep before and after, with a super healthy diet and activity. Also important, thins is something I have toyed with on and off for years, maaaybe twice a year and I only risk that because I have relapsing-remitting MS. If she Has progressive MS, STAY THE HECK AWAY Smile 18 is really young to gamble with permanent disability.... It's a risk, I don't recommend doing chemicals, they are hard on your body, but she can try and offset the stress she's putting on herself. hope that helps
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