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Maybe HPV/Genital Warts/Herpes/Molluscum contagiosum

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I am having a major problem right now with an STD. I have had 5 random encounters in the last 4 months in China. I have now caught something and I am not too sure what.

I went to a sexual health clinic but unfortunately in China you cannot trust the doctors because they lie and tell you that you have things that cannot possibly be true. They also prescribe the wrong medication and treatments. (this was proved to me but there is nothing I can do about that)

It started off with two itchy spots on the back of my genitals. I did scratch a lot which I realise was a huge mistake. I went to the STD clinic and they told me I had chlamydia. They put me in a big machine and put me on a drip. I thought this was strange so I checked out the medication and found out they were lying. I went and bought the right medication and took it.

The spots then multiplied like crazy, still itching. I resisted scratching as much as possible. I went back to the clinic to ask what it was. I had taken a list with the possibilities, they explained it was something that I had never seen before. They explained they had to CO2 gas laser them off. So they did. Soon after they are multiplying again so I went back there. I saw another doctor who said it was now herpes and that I had to go in a big machine and have a drip. I told him that he was lying to me and to give me the right medication. After much arguing I got the pills.

I have now been taking 400mg of Acyclovir and been putting Acyclovir cream on them every 3 hours. But I am still getting more and more spots. The itching has almost gone but I am also taking painkillers and I think they might be suppressing the itching too.

Can someone please advise on what they think it might be.

I have lots of separate red smooth spots on my scrotum, penis shaft and two have just appeared on my helmet. The ones on my shaft and helmet seem to have a yellowish head.

I have narrowed it down to being;

Genital warts
Molluscum contagiosum

I cannot go to the hospital as they just lie (I have been told 5 different things now) If I could just know what it is I can buy the medication.


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replied January 24th, 2009
Possible HPV
Your Condition sounds like a possible HPV. There are many types of HPV's but i am not an expert on them. The itching maybe from a genital wart outbreak, which can be caused by an HPV. It is important to find a reliable doctor that can diagnose your problem, for an HPV can be a high risk for cancer, as well as a low risk. If you lack the confidence for Chinese doctors, the best place to travel to would be Japan. Though it would be more expensive, I've only heard good things about the medical practices there.
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