Hi. I had protected sex on March 14th. I was expecting my period March 25th. I am always on time and have very regular periods. I took a pregnancy test, but it came back negative. I have not started my period and I have some early pregnancy symptoms: fatigue, gas, tender boobs/nipples, different discharge, and mild nausea without vomitting. I was having regular sex before March 14th, but have not had sex since March 14th. I was wondering if it was to early for a home pregnancy test? Should I wait a little longer before retesting? What are the proper steps from here??
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replied March 30th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Wait a few more days then take another test.

A lot of the symptoms you are talking about don't start immediately, they are early pregnancy symptoms, yes, but not as soon as you miss your period early. In addition, if you have this many symptoms, your body would be raging with pregnancy hormones. Pregnancy hormones create positive pregnancy tests.

Wait a few days, take another test. Follow the directions on the box.
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