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masturbation and morning/spontaneous erections

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I have had this problem a couple of times during the last six months. The usual series of events would be like this:

1. everything seems fine, i.e. about an average of 4 masturbations per week
2. things turn bad if I masturbate on consecutive days without leaving "recovery" days in between
3. first, i would lose morning erections. I would even have difficulty masturbating - as I would get only weak or even no erections at all
4. taking a gap (from porn and masturbations) of 2 weeks or so - and my morning erections would return.. first morning erections would be weak, and further rest would see strong morning erections
5. if i restart regular masturbations, i would go back to step 1 (i.e. all the problems return and the cycle begins again)

please help. what could be the problem? Your assistance is highly appreciated.

1. i am 26, unmarried, never had sex for cultural/tradtional reasons
2. i haven't experienced spontaneous day time erections for quite some years - though i can have erections when masturbating or morning erections, but not both (masturbation cancels morning erections)
3. i was recently diagnosed with severely deficiency in vitamin D and low vitamin B, and have taken multivitamins and vitamin injection during the last couple of months

25Hydroxy-Vitamin D3 --> 5 ng/ml (range 30 to 150)
vitamin B12 --> 230 pg/ml (range 191 to 663)

4. i am not sure if porn is causing these - although i do not think so - and i have cut back porn use in any case
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replied September 13th, 2011
my morning erections have returned.. and have been masturbating every alternate day for the past week.. and yesterday i masturbated 3 times... that is my personal record.. never masturbated that many times in a single day...

that is the good news.. the bad news is, i dont know what made my problems vanish.. and i am afraid the problems may return...

any ideas about my situation?
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replied September 13th, 2011
Community Volunteer
I think you need to check with your doctor if you are comfortable talking to him,
maybe the vitamins have helped.
Difficultly getting erections can be from other underlying issues and should be discussed with your
doctor to rule out any issues, you being young you should
not have issues like this and talking to your doctor
about this should be a priority.
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replied October 8th, 2011
so when i thought my problems were returning (little erection strength, little spontaneous erections etc), i went for this blood test... here are the results:

serum testosterone 423 ng/dl
serum SHBG 28.65 nmol/L
free androgen index 51.3%

although these seem to be within normal ranges, i think they are quite low for my age (26).

are the numbers normal?
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replied October 28th, 2011
Does Yohimbe helps for erectile dysfunction? I heard it helps.
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