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im not a virgin and have had sex before. but im 15 years old and still have nvr had a real orasmn. my mom bought me a doc johnson go vibe and told me to look up how to use it for my cramps on my time of the month. but when i do it it feels good, but after awhile (i think this is the climax or somthing) my lower abb's start twitching and i feel like i have to piss.. but at the same time it feels good but it stil kinda hurts and im afraid to keep going... i wanna figure out how to get it right.
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replied September 4th, 2009
Especially eHealthy
It sounds like you are getting pretty close if not there: "my lower abb's start twitching".

Masturbation is about climaxing (orgasm). If you are climaxing, there is nothing more to it. If you are stopping short, you need to move the vibe away from your clitoris when it starts to hurt. The clitoris gets very sensitive and withdraws under the hood close to orgasm. At that time you need to stimulate around it, not on it.

There are nothing to be afraid of. If it gets too painful you will stop. There is nothing you can break.

Not all woman gets relieve from PMS or cramps when they orgasm. If it worked for your mom, it does not mean that it will work for you.
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