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masterbate with old ejaculate as lubricant

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I have this silicon vagina i masturbate into. What I do is lube up, masturbate, then cum into this fake vagina. I masturbate 2, 3 times/day and after each session just leave the cum in the vagina, and its all ready to go for the next time.

I realize it may be a little gross, but just recently i've started to wonder if the 2-3 day old ejaculate may have some sort of ill effects....i.e. getting into where i pee??

I've been doing this for 5...6 months, haven't noticed any ill effects. The reason i keep doing it feels good. I rinse out the vagina about every 3 days, sometimes with a little soap. My rational has always been, ejaculate sitting in a girls vagina doesn't cause any ill effects.....that I know of, so using it as a lubricant is harmless.

I've been a little hesitant to post this, just because I can see an instant reaction of it not being healthy, but I'd like some medical reason and proof as to whether it's relatively harmless or not.

thank you.
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replied July 18th, 2013
You're disgusting
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replied July 21st, 2013
Old ejaculate as lubricant
It might be harmless, but the overnight ejaculate stinks. How can you ever stand that smell? Its just like a dead rotting corpse.
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