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Massive Axiety/Panick Attack

Hi Everybody,

Looking for anyone with this same problem to share how to handle it.

I am 45 year old female, light smoker, mother of 1 teenager and 1 young adult, married. I have been diagnosed with GAD about 7 years ago and at that time had horrible problems with it on a daily basis.
With therapy,meds and a lot of work myself I have had it for the most part under control. I have edgy days and disconnected days but nothing that isn't easy to overcome and handle.

This past week I started a new exercise class and love it. Yesterday was my second class and it was a tough hour but a ton of fun. Got through the class, chatted with a few women said see ya Monday and went out to the car. About half way home I started getting light headed, tried to ignore it, got progressively work within minutes vision was getting dark and fuzzy, tingling and numbness in my arm, legs and head, extreme and sudden shortness of breath to the point where I could not even say 3 consecutive words to my cousin who was in the passenger seat.
Managed to make it home and into the house and now it is really intense, got a cold rag and laid on the couch with it on my forehead just waiting for it to pass. 30 minutes later my heart rate is still in the 120's, sweating, shaking, and totally confused because I was sure it was panic but now since it lasted so long wondering if the class was to much and I am having a heart attack.

My daughters got concerned and called 911. By the time they got here my heart was just starting to slow. EKG was fine, blood pressure fine, told me it was anxiety.
Now on top of all the other stress I feel like a complete boob. "Look at the middle aged women, went to exercise class and lost it". Ha

Today I am completely wiped out like I always have been after a bad attack and still can't get it out of my head that it isn't my heart.
This last month has been horribly stressful, financially, emotionally and mentally. My oldest daughter is so hateful toward me and will say (or should I say scream) anything at me or to me to hurt me. The last few weeks she has been throwing her A game and I felt I was at a breaking point but not like this. She was stressing me, my younger daughter just doesn't talk at all and my husband could care less most of the time whether I am dead or alive.
Now that they all called 911, my mother and anyone else they could think of without me requesting it mind you they are just taunting me and calling me a drama queen looking for attention. Nice support team I have here huh?

This situation happen to anyone else. Should I not go to class again Monday or is it just the stress. Don't really know anymore and have no insurance so just running to the Dr. for every little thing is out of the question for me.
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replied April 13th, 2011
Extremely eHealthy
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