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Hi. I just had a Marsupialization done yesterday on my Bartholin's Gland abscess.

I was extremley nervous but I would've done anything to stop the pain. I was scared but looking forward to the anesthesia-after all, that would be my first good sleep in a week due to all the pain I've been feeling.

Before my surgery, I told my doctor that I had noticed that the tenderness and hardness under my skin had spread towards my rectal region from my BC. She said she take care of everything. I also told her I want the smallest duct opening possible. She said the opening would be no greater than a pencil eraser. I've heard horror stories about ladies with an inch long hole after the marsupialization is done. Yikes. My Dr is a pevlic surgeon so I put my faith in her.

Anyway, after getting on the operating table, the next thing I remember is waking up on a stretcher in a recovery room. I didnt feel any pain!!!!!!! After 15 min or so, the pain started coming back (from the cut) so they happily gave me more pain meds. I was in heaven.

I was pushed downstairs and my husband came to my room to meet me. The nurses wouldnt let me go until I had peed. I went to the bathroom and peed which is where the packing that had been put between my lips had fallen out. I could see no stitches. My right labia was still swollen but my BC area was flat. I took pain pills (tylenol 3 and 800mg of ibprofen) for the rest of the day and rested.

The same evening, I felt a familiar pain come back near my rectal area. Same feel and pain as the abscess. Frustrated/nervous that not all of the pus came out, I knew I wanted to call the DR the next morning.

I called the DR today and the nurse called me back. She said the DR took all the pus out and noted that it didnt protrude, but rather went deep inside of me. She noted that the pus had tracked to my buttock. The nurse said they probably put some kind of drain to get rid of the pus back there...but it wasnt a separate thing. It was def. caused by the BC. She said if I get a fever or worse pain or if it grows to give them a call. She kinda got mad at me for the packing falling out...that mightve kept the opening a bit larger...but it fell out at the hospital!!

I've soaked twice in warm water and am sitting on a doughnut. I havent pooped in over a day. Im scared itll mess up the stitches or cause me pain. I cant even see the stitches b/c my right lip is still swollen (thats the side where the bc was). Not even with a mirror. I can feel the pain when the meds wear off though.

Anyhow...I hope the BC doesnt come back ... but I'll be sure to take baths more often instead of 100% showers...just in case!!
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