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Married 2 yrs and he has been incarcerated since last march

IS BEING DEPORTED....We have been together for 4 and a half years and married for almost 2. He has been incarcerated for a year next month.. I am and have been completely faithful to him. I have stood by his side and have done all i can do to care for him and be there. He still finds a reason to tell me i am not good enough and i dont try hard enough to do for him. but i feel like what has he done for me in the last year while sitting in jail, you cant do much, right? I have not been able to hug him or touch him at all the first 8 months were tv screen and a phone, now they are barrier visits which is glass between anyway, he will be getting out of jail soon but not here, he is being deported, to England. I want to go check England out for sure, but i am scared, he already has a drinking problem, that i know wont change. His family has not been the best to me since he has been in. I dont think i can leave the one thing i know is always there.... MY family.. and i just feel my happiness is not in England, with him. I just would like some outside opinions, and figure out my plan..
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