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Married...but in love with another women

I have been married for 4 years and i have fallen in love with another women. I met my wife 7 years ago. Everything seemed great. At the time we were in college, and partying and having fun. We got engaged very quickly, and had a long engagement. Before our wedding, i had second thoughts that she is not the right one for me. I felt like i was commited and had to go through with it. I have always, questioned my marriage, and thought about divorce. We have no children.

About 4 months ago, i went online to some chat rooms. I am not sure why, i guess just looking for someone to talk to. I started talking to this girl who lives on the other side of the country. I told her about my marriage and the problems in it. We really enjoyed each others conversation. Sometimes talking for hours on end. It was within about a month we both had fallen in love with each other. Although we have never met, and it has been 4 months we love each other more everyday. This is the girl i always pictured myself being married to and spending the rest of my life with.

I told my wife a month ago that i wanted a divorce, that i wasnt happy, and i dont love her anymore. She was devastated, which i understand. I felt bad, and agreed to try and work on our problems. We have been working on them, but i dont think i can love her like a husband should. I havnt loved her like i should even before i met this other women. I know some people say that the grass always seems greener on the other side, to tell you the truth i would be happy single also. My wife is changing alot of things in her life, to try and make me happy, but i just dont want to be with her.

This other women has never pressured me to leave my life. She has made it very clear, she just wants me to be happy, and if i can work things out with my wife and be happy then do it. The problem is..i love this other women. I cant stop loving her, or thinking about her. I lay awake at night, and cant sleep, thinking about this other women. Thinking that she is the love of my life i always dreamed of.

What do i do? Do i be honest with my wife and tell her i am in love with another women? Do i tell her i just dont love her anymore, and leave out the part about the other women? So many questions going through my head. I am not going to lie...loving this other women influences me to leave my wife...but thoughts of divorce happened before i met this other women. Any good advice would help. Thanks.
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