i am married and have been married for almost 3 years and i have 2 kids ages 2 and one who is 4 months i love my wife but we have had some hard times i have been talking to this girl i have known for 5 years but we lost connection about 2 years ago and just started talking about 3 months ago and i have fallen for her i have lied to my wife to go hang out with her so i could be around her my wife caught me sending her love poems and she wanted to leave me but i talked her into staying. around a year ago she had put me in jail for holding her against her will and she went to a shelter and while she was there i slept with my ex wife and i told her that just this year and she was mad and wanted to leave but she didnt. now back to the current issue the girl that i like i have slept with her 4 times now and i have not told my wife and me and the wife are supposed to be moving in the next 2 weeks and i havent told the girl yet but its tearing me apart cause i dont want to leave this girl i do love her and cant get her off my mind i just dont want to ruin a marriage with kids cause my oldest when i go anywhere he cries cause he thinks i am not coming back also i think of the girl when i am making love to my wife i dont no what to do plz someone help me.

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