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marriage and depression

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We have been married for 8 years . My wife have break down about a year again. she was hospitalize for 2 1/2 weeks. She said she does not love like a wife should. she said I have done nothing wrong. she has left. HOW CAN I HEIP HER TO FIND THIS LOVE FOR ME. or IS THIS A PART OF HER DEPRESSION SHE IS SEEING A PSYCHIATRIST AND THERAPIST She takes 60mg of prozact 100mg of seroquel
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replied March 28th, 2009
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Give her some time to find herself...She is seeing a Psychiatrist who is working with her....I know that this is hard but like she said you have done nothing wrong...Just see where it goes...

Good luck,
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replied April 11th, 2009
I can sympathize with what you are feeling. To be with someone is to feel wanted, and if they are suffering from depression, it hurts to know that they may not want you or love you. Is it the person feeling this way? Or is it the illness coming through? It is so difficult to tell and you can start to feel discouraged and unloved.

Good luck.
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replied April 30th, 2009
i used to take first it makes you feel like a zombie, then the effect wears off. but that only controls my depression not how i feel about my boyfriend per say.
have anything happened in your wife life for her to feel this way? does she have a ptsd?
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replied February 12th, 2011
Marriage is the solution to Depression Smile
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replied February 20th, 2012
My husband’s 50 years old, he was a very bright man with many degrees who seemed like he could do anything. He taught 3 years in Middle School, and13 years High School. He was born blind in 1 eye, with 2 crossed eyes. From 2 to 18 he had 4 surgeries to straighten his turned eye. His father walked out when he was and his parents divorced, his father completely disappeared, and started another family. His father showed up again when he was 17, and they sent him to live with his father because they didn’t know what to do with him. He had a bad relationship with his stepfather who was very strict, overkill with punishments, and hit him and his brother with a strap. My husband said he was getting punished and hit for fighting in school with kids who made fun of his eyes. His stepfather was a braggart who poisoned everyone around him with a negative attitude. His stepfather and his older brother about belittled him about his eyes to “toughen him up.” His stepfather probably thought he had the right because he sent my husband to all the best Opthalmologists, who all said the same thing- his blind eye could not be “fixed,” and to just take good care of and protect his good eye. At home, his brother was more than making him tough- he even practiced sexual activities with my husband against his will.
At 40 he had laser treatment for Glaucoma in both eyes- he had bad reactions to all the eye drops. He now has normal tension Glaucoma in both eyes, and has lost peripheral vision in what was his one good eye.
Five years ago he chose to see a psychiatrist for depression- he tried to commit suicide 2 times in his 20’s. He’s been on countless prescriptions since then- many at the same time, He has good and bad days- and he can be really moody. He has Asthma and Hypotension, and can forget medication, and then the whole family worries about Dad. Our 3 young children know he has severe major depression, and Anxiety disorders. I’m afraid of the negative effect on our children. When we go out the first thing the kids ask is if Dad is coming. He sits in his chair watching TV, reading magazines and surfing the Internet. August we went to see my friend in NC and take the kids to see Colonial Williamsburg. He followed us on his Harley Davidson and the kids commented that when they were riding with my husband he was smiling talking to them, and said “Dad is having fun.” 5 minutes after we returned he had a minor stroke. His speech is slower, he has a minor slur sometimes, his short-term memory suffers and he has problems finding the right words, so he is even more withdrawn. He says he gets headaches and pains, but his brain is normal.
I feel so alone, and I’m worried about the effects on the kids. I feel like I have to carry a lot of the weight and can’t understand why this has to continue. Am I being too needy? I saw a psychologist to get an idea of what he is going through, but maybe only learned a little. Can’t he handle more? I see him stumble because of his medications and vision, and when I tell him to see anther doctor he says I’ve been to so many doctors, they all tell me the same thing- I know what I need to do. He sees his psychiatrist at least every other week, but he’s not making it easier on me. Am I being an insensitive self-centered person? He says I don’t try anymore so how can he be closer to me? Intimacy doesn’t exist, and he says it’s because I choose to sit in my chair on the other side of the room.
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