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Marijuana intensifies my pain HELP

Hi everyone. Please keep in mind that what you are about to read is exactly why
we need to do more research on medical marijuana. I have so many questions and no reputable source to refer to. When I try to post this very long question, eHealth sends me a notification that I may get banned because it has the word Marijuana in it. If I can't talk about this here, what do I do? Please do not remove this post as I am desperate and need to know what is going on with me.

I have been smoking regularly for about a year now. I'm a 21 year old female-relatively healthy. I have high
cholesterol, have recently been diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
and I have hemorrhoids. I have lost 23 pounds is the passed 2 months from my
symptoms caused by my IBS.

My sister has been a regular smoker ever since she was diagnosed with IBS 3
years ago. She claims it is the only thing that will make her stomach feel
better. My sister and I have similar symptoms with our IBS- our stomachs turn
into witches cauldrons after we eat something we probably shouldn't have and we
alternate between having diarrhea and constipation. For me, it's usually both at
the same time. It is so painful and is taking over my life. They don't know what
causes IBS and there isn't much you can do to help it besides eating right and
exercising. So, not having a medication to take besides fiber supplements and
stool softeners, I started smoking too. When I smoke it usually puts a calm on
my stomach and I feel more relaxed. It's easier to eat and I get some sort of
appetite (which has been almost non existent recently.) My sister and I find it
easier to go to the bathroom after we smoke- maybe it relaxes our "spastic"
colon. However, over the passed few weeks I believe marijuana has been making me
feel much much worse.

My boyfriend and I decided to try edibles for the first time to see if it would
make us feel better (he has a bad stomach too- GERD). The edibles were from a
dispensary in Colorado. The first 3 times I tried them, I felt NOTHING. Like
they had absolutely no effect on me at all. I thought this might be from the IBS
and the fact that my stomach doesn't process things very well. So my fourth time
I decided to take A LOT of an extremely potent cookie to see if I would feel
anything. It was right before I went to sleep and it was indica so if anything I
thought it would just make me sleepy. I ate about 3/4 of the cookie and went to

An couple hours go tv and all of a sudden, I woke up and I feel as if my arms,
face and legs were swelling uncontrollably. There was an insanely intense pain
and pressure up my butt and all over my stomach and the pain was radiating
everywhere. I felt like there was a weight over my chest making it hard to
breathe. To sum it up, I THOUGHT I WAS DYING. I immediately start
hyperventilating crying, shaking and just having an insane panic attack. I had
extreme radiating pain all over my body, I was having my very first panic
attack, and I was high as a kite. I started screaming "I CANT BREATHE" over and
over again. Needless to say I scared the living daylights out of my boyfriend!!! He
had no idea what was happening and he hadn't taken even any edibles that night.
I started frantically asking him if my face was swelling-he said no and I told
him my entire body was swelling and that I couldn't breathe. He could barely
understand me through my hyperventilating. I was shaking so much I was like a
living maraca. He kept on reassuring me that everything was okay and said I was
just having a bad reaction to the edibles. If there was a control dial on my
pain and discomfort, it was floating around a 3 or 4 before I took the edibles,
and then someone came in and cranked it all the way up to 10 maybe even higher.
I did feel a little better looking in the mirror and seeing that I wasn't a
swollen blob. My poor boyfriend (who had to be up at 5am for school) talked me
into getting in the shower to try and make me feel better. He stayed with me the
entire time and just told me I was having a bad reaction to the edibles. I
couldn't stop crying. I kept telling myself it was all in my head and I wasn't
feeling pain- that I was just too high. But, the pain was coming in strong waves
and it wasn't easy to ignore. I think the shower made it worse because it made
me more aware of what I was feeling. But I kept telling myself there was no pain
and that I had to calm down. After I got out of the shower I laid down and
watched some tv to try and distract myself. The pain did not go away but I was
so exhausted and fell right asleep. When I woke up the pain was gone. But my
nightmare didn't end- I had slept right through my alarm, was hours late to
work, and I had terrifyingly swollen eyes from crying so much.

I came to the conclusion that I couldn't take edibles anymore. I didn't know
what exactly was in it and I had no idea why that happened. I was terrified to
try again. So I continued to smoke. I smoke every single day. Since my first
incident, I have had this happen to me about 5 times again, all of the same
symptoms and all after having smoked- but, it doesn't happen EVERY time I smoke. It is not nearly as painful as it was that night, but each time it turns my pain dial to about a 7, which is still enough
to keep me awake all night in agony. I've noticed that it intensifies the pain in parts
of my body that are already injured. It is happening to me RIGHT NOW (that's the reason
why I'm writing this- it's 3 am and I have work but I can't sleep with this pain
and I need answers or to know if anyone else is feeling this way). I believe the
pain radiating up my butt is from my hemorrhoids- I've been taking medication
for them but I strain every day and they haven't gone away. The pain in my
stomach is from the bad food I ate and my spastic colon but the pain is so much
heavier after I smoke. I also hurt a muscle in my arm and after I smoked it
intensified that. And sometimes after smoking my breasts get heavier, harder and
more sensitive (that has been happening for at least a year).

Ultimately, I want to hear less about marijuana being a "miracle" drug that all
of a sudden cures every disease and relieves all pain. I do believe that it
medically helps many things but, this argument is WAY too one sided. I can't be
the only one out there that feels this way. I am all for the legalization of
marijuana but I am begging for more medical research on this topic. I'm tired of
hearing that marijuana fixes everything- everyone is different. While I'm at it,
I also would like for someone to make a medication I can take to relieve my IBS
problems if that's at all possible. I lost 23 pounds exactly. I was 163 a couple
months ago and now I'm 140. Now I don't even want to smoke to make my stomach
feel better because I'm scared it will make me feel worse. Is it the type of
weed I'm smoking? Does marijuana just not agree with my body chemistry? Have I
always had these symptoms but having extreme pain already make it noticeable?
Please please please I'm asking for help!! I don't want to feel this way-it's a
lose-lose. Either I don't smoke and I can't eat and have to deal with my stomach that is in constant pain or I do smoke and have to worry about my pain escalating dramatically. I'm done smoking for now. Until someone can give me some advice.
Thank you in advance!
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replied January 13th, 2016
Hey,we know that addiction always proves to be dangerous for everyone and fear of addiction can lead any drug to get banned. Obviously that’s why someone gets banned when they uses the word like marijuana. And obviously marijuana works as a miracle drug but that does not mean one takes it in unlimited amounts.It must be taken in proper quantities. I wish more research on proper dosing exists. You can also refer to various online sites which provide all of the information related to this drug and maybe it can help you out in some way.
Best Regards
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replied January 10th, 2017
Even pot can be highly addictive psychologically.

You definitely need to take it in the right doses or it could easily be abused.
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replied January 26th, 2017
Great point! Not a lot of people understand this. Marijuana is an amazing health treatment but should still be used with caution and care.
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