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Marijuana and depression

I am depressed and feel hopeless. I recently felt like life wasn't worth it. And started experimenting with prescription drugs, alcohol, and marijuana. I found that all of it is hard to get, and very expensive. But when I am on a high thc weed "indica or sativa", I actually feel happy. I don't judge myself, or feel depressed. I believe that marijuana saved my life. But since my age, and state laws it is impossible to buy or find. I just want to continue to feel happy legally. Any suggestions on what to do? Not antidepressants, the fact of me those would make me feel labeled for being depressed. No one knows I'm depressed. Not even my mom or dad.
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replied February 18th, 2015
well, to help you get happy again you should maybe describe your situation a little. Like work, relationship status etc...maybe you are lacking something in these areas
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replied February 20th, 2015
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Drugs are used in medication but in limited dosage. If you take it regularly then you will be addicted to it.
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