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        MRI Age of Injury
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        Rapid heartbeat, weak legs, tingling in arms and legs, YUCK!
        revision fusion of L1-L5 scarring and recovery ( titanium)
        lumbar spine xray results
        hard to even get out of bed at times!
        Lack of care by "some" Primary Care Physicians
        hot sensation on upper back
        hot sensation on upper
        Pain in middle back when swimming
        Pain in middle back when swimming?
        Discs desiccation is present....
        Spinal Fusion and bathtub modification
        back stiffness, nerve pain in left leg, knee down to ankle
        neck pain with arm pain and tingling in fingers
         3 bouldging discs 2 wth tears in them, my spine hurt
        Fractured T11 and Shattered T12
        Mesh and pump pain in my body now
        spondylolisthesis - surgery needed ?
         having spondilysys problem are there exercises?
        spondilysys problems
        regarding paralysis
        hydrotherapy at home funded by insurance?
        Transverse process fractures
        mass efferct in the right s1 nerve root?
        back pain, right s1 nerve root
        Lumbar Laminectomy Surgery
        mri help excruciating pain !
        si joint injury , how long to heal
        nerve root ablation candidate?
        nerve root ablation candidates
        motor weakness accompanying the numbness in arm and hand
        Neorological impingement
        bulging disc in lower back, Do I need a ortho or neuro Dr?
        cut disc
        Herniated Disc in Thoracic Area
        Spinal fusion - hardware removal?
        Spinal fusion- hardware removal?
        Degenerative disc Disease withS1 nerveaib
        regarding spinal bifida
        Post-op lumbar fusions causing water retention abdomen & ank
        how to stay fit while disabled
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        Has anyone had a Laser Facet Rhizotomy procedure done?
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