it's strange that i would develop some digestive issues now...seeing as recently I've been healthier ,eating healthier, exercising..even gave up Diet Coke (which was the one soda I loved to drink)and drink TONS of water,.. I'm a 24 yr old female (just for some background info)

Couple months ago I developed a very weird & sudden fever.felt like i was dying. woke up, went to gym & ate some food (feeling fine)...and then BAM. suddenly not hungry anymore. body hurt..then I was freezing (in 70 degree temps)... went home immediately & felt sicker than ever before. I couldn't get warm. i put on layer after layer,could not get warm. body was shaking..had some sort of infection. finally after bringing in a heater,bunch of covers etc,,my body was finally warm enough. & i slept it off.

Next day...i feel almost 100% better though digestive system is acting kind of funny. I see greenish scares me..also have a little bit of flank pain. i look up natural cures (dont have health insurance)...i get some papaya juice & aloe vera juice & fiber pills & natural vitamins...I start to notice poops looking a little better.. but alot of new symptoms arise.

over the next few months i have issues with hemorrhoids , anal fissures, UTI symptoms before my period, some constipation, hard stool & some diarrhea...(and some normal poops)...many times a lighter than usual colored stool. and every now and then still that green poop. I feel fine physically, mentally etc. But my bowel movements are so sporadic..not sure what to think is wrong with me.

Any ideas/similar experiences would be helpful (and please don't tell me go to a doctor..i obviously know that i should, but for now I'd like to get an idea of what i'm dealing with thanks)
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replied November 18th, 2013
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Green stool usually indicates that you have been eating a lot of green things. It is usually not indication of a problem.

As to hemorrhoids this is usually caused by straining so if that is the case stop that and you should see a reduction in this issue. Also, witch hazel has been known to be a good product help reduce hemorrhoids.

As to anal fissures this is usually caused hard poop (constipation) or is caused by the individual by some form of physical trauma such as scratching. This is usually resolved with a high fiber diet or leaving the area alone depending on cause.

I am curious though about this fever though. I am assuming that you had not had sexual contact within a three to four week period to getting this fever. If this is not true I would suggest STD testing. Otherwise, I can't say if this fever is correlated or not to your issue as of now.

Also, what is constituted as 'light' poop are we talking a light brown? if so that is okay but if we are talking light as white poop or yellow poop then there is an issue. The 'lighter' brown poop might suggest that you eating less fatty foods which is indication that you are indeed eating healthy.

Also, keep in mind it does take your body quite a few months to adjust to a new diet pattern.

"please don't tell me go to a doctor..i obviously know that i should" ok I'll imply it with this random tidbit.

There is too much going here. Accordingly, these symptoms and issues might not be caused a singular factor and could be just a bunch of separate issues. for example, I think the hemorrhoids and anal fissure is a distinctive issue by itself. While the hard stool/diarrhea alternation is a separate issue and the UTI symptoms might also be a separate issue. The most concerning things being the UTI like symptoms which will require a doctor.

Best of luck
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