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Many cries for help but no one answers! what's this forum for?

Why are there so many posts on here with cries for help or people just needing someone to talk to. But no one answers them?
They wouldn't be posting here if they werent looking for help. Any help, even if its just someone to listen to them. Why cry for help if no one is going to answer? Whats this forum for? Isn't it for a little help from people that understand about depression? A kind word for those that need a little encouragement? A kind word can change someone's life. Grasp those hands that reach out for help! Even just to say Im here and I'll help you if I can, or we'll find someone who can help you. We all need help at some point in our lives, help whom you can, anyway you can. Cause someday they might be the only person around when you need help.
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replied June 6th, 2011
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the most common reason for a lack of an awnser is that the poster dose not give anuff of an idea as to what the problem is for a sencible reply to be posible, also many of uss cannot get on here all the time so reply to those who we can when we can to the best of our expernces, but most of us have other things to do aswell
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