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managing light headedness and vasovagal syncope

I get light headed very easily; sometimes, but not often, to the point of fainting. The light headed spells happen frequently during activities that do not involve sitting or lying down throughout the day. I have trouble focusing/concentrating and experience mental fatigue throughout the day. While I do not faint often at all, it is common for me to get light headed to the point where I feel as though I may. When I do faint, my vision will get fuzzy, eventually completely going away, my heart rate will slow down, my mouth gets dry, and I will feel hot. These light headed spells are random and unpredictable, being triggered by something as simple as stubbing my toe unexpectedly, getting out of bed too fast, or just walking down the street. I have also experienced these issues with the sight of blood. When I do pass out, it is only for seconds and I wake up hot and with no memory of the fainting itself. up until recently I smoked marijuana regularly. There have been times where I have gone into these spells while smoking, causing me to stop out of fear for causing brain damage from oxygen deprivation. Although it is said that alcohol is something to avoid with this condition, I cannot recall ever having any type of problem while intoxicated. Actually, a few drinks seems to calm me down and prevent having an episode. I have been told that I have nearly all symptoms of vasovagal syncope. These symptoms have a large effect on my life and are causing me to become reclusive altogether. Any suggestions on how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated.
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replied June 6th, 2013
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JStarner ,

Unfortunately, the symptoms of lightheadedness and dizziness are very common, yet can have many causes. If you have not seen your physician and had a work up for the cause, that would be your first step.

If a physical cause can be found, then treatment aimed at that cause can be instituted.

However, your statement, "Actually, a few drinks seems to calm me down and prevent having an episode", would sort of point to anxiety being an underlying cause. If so, then that may also need to be treated.

Good luck.
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