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Man, 53, on intramuscular testosterone replacement, aggression

I'm asking this question for my mom and step-dad. I just received a call from my mom, who lives in SC, telling me she's on her way to my house in Ohio because her husband of 15 years has lost his mind.

About a year ago he was complaining of feeling tired and sluggish, just not himself. He went to the Dr. and found out he had a low testosterone level. He was started on Lexapro and some form of injectable testosterone. Very soon after he started working out constantly, running and playing sports. My mom found out that he was "supplementing" his testosterone with OTC products online (just creatine and stuff like that). Right about the time he started to seem more youthful, he also started acting like a maniac. He's become extremely verbally abusive to the point that my mom is now afraid of her husband who's never acted like this before. It got bad enough that she went to tell his Dr. how he was acting and she also confronted him about his hormone replacement. He stopped taking both the Lexapro and the testosterone after she refuse to help him with his injections. He was tired again but for a couple months he was back to his semi-normal self; he at least wasn't being a crazed maniac anymore. The other day he lost his mind again and after things calmed down she confronted him about the outburst. She found out he decided to start injecting himself with his testosterone and telling her that the studies show it doesn't cause aggression lol.

I tried to do some research and sure enough, everything I read says nothing but wonderful things about the therapy and that it doesn't cause aggression. Well, that may be true in most individuals but it's clearly not the case with my step-dad (I should also mention that every single person in his life has also noticed these changes and he'll probably be losing his job for his attitude soon so this isn't just a regular marital problem, and he's got giant muscles now that he didn't have even 15 years ago).

I'm curious if anyone else has ever taken testosterone replacement and had a similar outcome? This sure seems to be presenting itself as "roid-rage" and I just can't imagine he's the only one.
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replied May 22nd, 2013
Test being razed to a normal level no it's not going to cause that. Test being razed way past norm then yes in most cases.
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