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Male infertility - stds?

I am an otherwise healthy mid 30s male, about five to ten lbs over my ideal weight, an in a high stress job.

I have conducted two sperm tests in the last few months and they both have shown some problems with my sperm. These problems have included: sperm count, mobility, shape, as well as a few other aspects.

There are obviously numerous factors that can cause this. However, I keep thinking about the possibility of STD related infertility from my youth.

Due to my paranoia, I have had tests in the past for:
1) Chlamydia - swab and urine
2) HIV
3) Hepatitis
4) Syphilis

Each time the tests were at somewhat random intervals during times of paranoia.

Everything has been negative and with no symptoms. I believe I may have had a urinary tract infection in the past, which cleared up on its own, and possibly a yeast infection. I went to the doctor for both and they seemed to be unconcerned with them and life went on with no diagnosis of an STD.

Before attempting to have a child my wife went for a PAP smear which she had been avoiding and which was normal, as well, I went for STD screening (no symptoms) which again included tests for HIV, Hep, and Chlamydia. All were again negative.

Am I being foolish? Or could have the urinary tract infection or yeast infection been something more?
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