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I am here to state and ask a few questions. You see I am embarrassed that I have a smaller than averaged sized penis.I mean this is way smaller than average. My penis is a 1' long and lass than 1' wide normally. When elongated my penis is about 3' long and stays about the same width. I need help. i need to find a way to have a larer penis. i am 18 and it has been the same size sine I was 10. I am overweight and I know that may be a reason but I wouldn't think that It would make suh a big deal. i need to know if there are any foods that i an eat that would my penis any larger. What an I do I am very desperate. I have turned down intimacy to people before by making excuses because my penis is very small. I'm begging for help I don't want to live my life with a small penis forever
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