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male ejaculation...lack of

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My friend with married and I am worried that his wife is hurting him.

What I have been told is she sucks on his penis, but as he is about to ejaculate, she makes him clamp onto himself and he ejaculates into a towel. She is repulsed and simply feels its a chore to please her man. So she has made him do this clamping on for years. He said it causes him pain...Is this hurting him perminately?
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replied August 25th, 2010
That doesn't even make since. He could blow his load into a towel without "clamping down", most women don't want it in their mouth. Some do and that's great! But, puling out right before you blowdoesn't require any clamping down, or at least it shouldn't. It helps if she keeps using her hands, but if she doesn't you can do it yourself.

Why are sleeping with a married man that is still getting it at home? I'm more than happy to oblige a women whose husband won't do it, but coming between people who are together isn't right, at least imho.
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replied October 25th, 2010
one of my ex's used to do that to himself... i think it does cause damage. when the sperm is shot out of the balls at 30 mph and stopped is where it may cause damage and. but im not a doctor so it may be something to ask the next time you or he go into get your yearly check up. if it hurts him then i would def. stop! i would recommend stopping, its not good for you to hold a sneeze in, i would think it would be the same for ejaculation.
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