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Making myself keep exercising ?


I want to excercise. I have a eliptical machine at home, but after some time it gets borring and I dont do it for a while.

How to make it more interesting?

Any ideas?
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replied September 19th, 2008
Extremely eHealthy
do you have a tv or magazine to look at while youre on it? the eliptical is not going to be exactly thrilling..i do it at the gym myself, but there is a tv hooked to it so the 30 minutes flies by if i'm watching something for actually getting on it and DOING it...thats all you..i HATE getting up and going to the gym..but when I get there i actually enjoy it..i dont know why i dread going so much, you feel so much better! so just push yourself, whether you wanna do it or not..make yourself, and if its boring at home maybe a membership to a gym is something you need to look into
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replied April 22nd, 2009
Experienced User
try listening to music if you think about it 30 minutes is only like six songs
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