I'm a, friendless, 25 year-old male virgin, college drop-out who lives with his parents. I hate myself for all the things I have and have not done. The last 7 years of my life have been a complete waste. And on top of that I have Major Depressive Disorder and Social Anxiety Disorder, both of which have contributed to my on and off drug abuse over the last 7 or 8 years. Also I have never dated nor kissed a girl. I can barely hold a converstion with anyone. The shame and guilt are getting to be way too much to bare.

p.s. do not pity me
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replied April 29th, 2009
I m sorry you feel that way. my problems are far worse than yours. it all depends on how one handles the cards they're dealt.
i've been battling depression for 18 years, and i feel very uncomfortable in front of crowds.
are you able to see a therapist? they probably can help you through your problems. if not i would...i demand that you research social anxiety disorder and how to handle it. try to find books on that issue.
"7 years a waste" i totally disagree with you honey. if you fall, pick yourself up! your still young and anything you didnt do, you still have a change to do.
i screwed up my student loans of 27k i can't go to school b/c i m in default. i have so many issues, some i'm taking to my grave.
ps if your not married your suppose to be a virgin.
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