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Major depression getting worse

Can anyone tel me what to do caus ive run out of options im 28 male i hav 3 babys and i cnt be there for them caus im dying inside mentaly and phisicaly ive had anxiety and major depresion for 4 years nw and its geting worst ive been in countless hospitals seen lots of drs and hav been on loads of meds its nt helping im geting phisicaly sick ulcers, iregular bowl, nausea, major chest pains , choking feeling in throat, shortnes of breath, blury vision, headaches, sweats of hands and feet mostly at night etc .and i get sick for no reason the latest i had a drop of blood in my eye a few days ago when i woke up i am losing alot of weight as well and hav dne al kinds of test al came back normal but there has to be something im at the end of the road im past breaking point i feel like im gna kil myself or die i cnt take the fear anymore i regret the day i took meds caus i jus got worst i dnt knw why im even posting this msg guess i dnt wana give up yet
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replied October 14th, 2011
Please dont give up. I know its hard to hear and easy to say
Perhaps many of your symptoms are side effects from your medication. Why not speak to your doctor. Its a long road to recovery but I'm sure the view from the top is spectactular. Much love to you
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