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Magnesium suppliment confusion

My doctor would like me to take a magnesium supplement. After looking online, I've found that magnesium comes in many forms - oxide, citrate, Glycinate, malate, taurate, etc, etc, etc. I have no idea which one to go with. I have called my doctor's office to ask, but I haven't heard back yet.

I have taken magnesium supplements previously (it appears those were the oxide form). They hurt my stomach and gave me the poops, which was very unpleasant. I mentioned this to my doctor, and she just expressed the importance that I take the supplement - perhaps she's like me and didn't know there are different types?

From what I've been reading, Glycinate seems to be the most reported as gentle on the stomach and does not act as a laxative. However, I notice it's at a much lower dose than Oxide (133mg at 30% daily allowance vs 400mg at 100%). Does this mean more of the glycinate magnesium has to be taken to get the same amount of magnesium as oxide? Or, as glycinate (and other versions) have been reported as more absorbent, can less be taken to achieve the same effect (i.e. not all of that 400mg is being absorbed into your body so you need to take that much in the oxide version).

I've very confused about this whole thing. If anyone could help clear this up, that would be great.
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replied March 11th, 2015
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the magnesium oxide though it shows to have a higher mg. very little is absorbed by the body.
Though the Glycinate is a lower mg. the body absorbs much more of it.
you can take one in the AM and one in the PM.
All magnesium should be taken before you eat.
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