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19 m/o has a Rash around Mouth, Lips, nothing works

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Hello everyone, first question on this board. Here it goes, my 19 month old son Gavin has developed a red rash around his mouth over the course of the last week. At first we thought it could be a result of using his pacifier however we only give it to him when he is sleeping at night and sometimes during naps, then we thought it could be the Huggies wipes we use as we came across a Facebook page that claimed Huggies wipes had some sort of Fiberglass in them. Regardless, we stopped using the wipes and the binky and have only used a slightly damp paper towel and only pat his mouth instead of wipe it side to side as the rash seems to be getting worse. We tried aquaphor as well as bacitracin but nothing seems to work. We are going to the doctor come Monday but wanted to see if we could find some answers on here sooner and over the weekend. Any input would be welcomed. Special thanks to all who reply to us.

Image here ---> 201927_1_1.jpg
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