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Lytic lesion on humerus bone

I recently had a CT scan due to the fact that I have an aneurysm in the ascending aorta. However, the report noted that I have a "well circumscribed lytic lesion in the left proximal humerus without change."

I looked this up online and the majority of information seems to point towards cancer. However, the report did not mention anything about it being cancerous or that I should follow up with my doctor.

Are some lytic lesions benign? I did notice the phrase "without change," which must mean that it's been seen before but never noted on my report. Is this a good sign?

I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis, so could this be the beginning of a fracture? Should I follow up with my doctor?

Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
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replied June 2nd, 2011
Especially eHealthy

Yes, there are lytic lesions within the bone that are benign. One is the unicameral bone cyst. The fact that it has not changed is very good. Occasionally, when a radiologist is reading a study for one thing (say a chest x-ray), if there is something going on outside of that area, it may not be picked up. The radiologist went back to look at older studies and found it.

Whether or not it is a fracture risk, depends upon how large it is. In the lower extremities, if a lytic lesion involves 50% or more of the diameter of the bone, it is usually prophyatically treated. The indications are a little different in the upper extremity.

Most bone tumors can be diagnosed on the basis of the appearance on x-ray. But if you are concerned, you might ask an orthopedic surgeon to take a look at the films and see if treatment is necessary.

Good luck.
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replied June 3rd, 2011
Thank you for the information!
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