Yesterday morning I woke up to a sore felling in the right side of my neck. The night following up to the soreness I kept waking up being exrtremely restless, violently battleing with my sheets and bed cover to find a comfertible almost as if I was experiencing restless leg syndrome. Anyways, after I woke with sore pains I felt the side of my neck. There seemed to be bumps on the right side of my neck. Why nothing was wrong with the left side of my neck I do not know. One was below the back of my jaw, the other one was lower down a little bit below the middle of my neck, the last one was right below thrle second one which would put it just between the bottom of my neck and the little part that dips in where your coller bone is. There also seemed to be sore muscles all around where the bumps where, the most tense/sore muscle seemed to be where the top bump was behind mr jaw. All day I was not feeling normal. After coming back from a her exaughsting fishing day with my dad at castaic lake I seemed to imediatly take on a fever. While doing my best to keep from over Heating, the fever just wore off around 7:00pm. Today I feel normal again but the bumps are still there the muscles are still sore. Is this anything to be very worried about or is it just a minor node infection? Please reply! Thanks.
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replied May 6th, 2008
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I'm sorry no one got to your post. It didn't last very long, so you were probably not in much danger...just a minor infection. How are feeling now and did you find the cause?
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