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Lymph node in lung

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I had a CT scan done back in October to check for issues I was having with allergies.. The Doctor informed me that they found multiple sub-centermeter precarinal and aorta pulmanary window lymphadenopathies of doubtful clinical significance bt didn't need to worry, he said to have it re-scanned in February which I did. The scan came back with no change but still reflected what was found in the first scan. I was concerned only due to him no explaining to me what it was caused by. He told me he was going to view it in high definination and also have another radiologist take a look at it.

I'm confused as to what this may be since I can't find anything on the internet with regards to the diagnosis. Both M.D.'s feel it is nothing to worry about (but I'm a worrier), and asked that I repeat the scan again in 6 months.. not sure why since I've already repeated it 2 times. I have type 1 diabetes the last 35 years and also graves disease, last thing I need is another disease.
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replied February 13th, 2009
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They have found changed lymph nodes inside your chest cavity in front the part where the windpipe branches in two parts, and around the main blood vessels.
This intrathoracic adenopathy can be due to presence of malignant process, infection (usually, tuberculosis, and some fungal infections like histoplasmosis) and sarcoidosis, an inflammatory disease.
Since Ct scan can't differentiated between malignant and reactive lymph nodes, the follow up with repeated CT scan to check for lymph nodes size change is usually suggested.
Other exams like biopsy can revile the nature of adenopathy.

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replied May 14th, 2009
In my experience, when we are doing repeat follow up CT scans on patients with a KNOWN cancer, we can see lymph nodes. They generally watch them to make sure they do not grow. Make sure you keep open communication with your doctor, and see a specialist, if you have not already.

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