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Lyme disease or Mono? Or both?!

Please help!
I'm a 21 year old girl, 5'5 109 pounds, always eaten well and been fairly active.
In November 2013 I appeared to contract mono, I suddenly was drained of energy, felt absolutely awful, couldn't think straight, was sleeping 18 hours a day, terrible lymph node swellings, flu like symptoms. Now this lasted about 8 months, diagnosed around 4 months by blood test to have contracted Epstein Barr virus.
At around the 7 month mark I started to feel better, went on holiday and felt normal once more and then suddenly when I got back I started vomiting, had a high temperature, cold, unbelievable fatigue/confusion and brain fog, lymph nodes straight up again. I was admitted to hospital with an abnormally high heart rate twice. This lasted several weeks and I thought it was merely a mono relapse because going on holiday was the most physical activity I'd done.
Then I found a small grey/blue lump under the skin on my knee, slightly raised. I went to the doctor and she said that it was most probably from an insect bite and would disappear. This was summer of 2014 and the lump hasn't shrunk or grown at all, still there (looks like a blood pocket? sorry gross!). Since the week of getting back from holiday I've never felt the same and my symptoms have got SO much worse and varied.
Now they are: Chronic fatigue so bad I struggle to see friends and converse, gastro issues, weight loss (around a stone, I consume 2000+ calories every day and I can't gain more than 2 pounds!), insomnia coupled with oversleeping, sore muscles, sore joints so bad I can't enjoy sport or work at my job properly, dry dry pale grey skin, fevers, the worst day and sweats ever, chills, styes/eye swellings, sore throat, enlarged tonsils, huge lymph nodes that won't subside in 3 years, memory loss, constant nausea, pelvic pain, random shooting pains all over my body, headaches, burning soles of feet, dark circles under my eyes, rashes, itchy skin, jerking muscles, spatial awareness problems, ear infections that won't respond to any treatment.

I've had a huge amount of blood work done inc HIV and alls fine, never tested for Lyme however. Could this be Lyme disease? I'm looking for answers and the doctors are unable to diagnose me with anything! I beg you, please help.
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replied October 4th, 2017
I've had a very similar experience and Im in the same boat as you. It sounds like it could be lyme, or another autoimmune disorder? I would find a lyme literate doctor and get tested. Keep in mind a lot of test are not accurate at all and even if you test negative you could still have it.
I have nearly ALL of your symptoms as well and I am so tired I had to quit my job Sad Have you discovered anything that has worked for you?
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