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lupus or rheumatoid arthritis ?

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Hope i can find someone like me who got an answer! Rolling Eyes

In 1998 during highschool it started with knee and shoulder pain for weeks, then vanishing and comming back along with what seems to be raynauds that affect my figers(they go white and numb), pos ana blood results in 2003.
one doc said it was SLE (lupus) while another said it was rheumatoid arthritis. Inow see a rhematologist who still cant decide, but has not givin up.. yet. she says the blood work says its there, but i dont show enough symptoms.

I have no butterfly rash. I DO sometimes breakout in red sore itchy bumps on the hands (AROUND FINGER JOINTS) if i get to much sun. sunny

A new thing came up last month where in nov one of my finger joints swole up and was painful and hard to move. it got better but next month the same joint on the opposite hand did the same thing and was much more painful and swollen. predisone took it away in a very amazing short time! Razz but its not a joint pain that is in the bone... its VERY painful around my joints, ligaments tendons and such.

I am in a "flare up" right now once again where my left knee is in pain, my right shoulder is hard to move and i feel as if i have a mild flu.. and im in search mode. I feel tried and have little energy.

Main thing i want IF i cant have an answer is which it may be.... is there something i cant do for this pain other than steroids and how can i get my energy back?
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replied February 9th, 2010
I want to look into your symptoms more before throwing things your way but I also want you to know I've had rheumatoid arthritis for 10 years now. Mine is trauma induced (I didn't know that was possible until after the accident)and i have it in every joint except my fingers. I also want you to know that at least somebody is trying to help you understand and possibly help you. If you have anymore info to add please do and I will have some stretches that work wonders for you-until then please take good care of yourself Smile
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