Is anyone else experiencing this? My friend with lupus has a history of kidney problems and lupus (medium severity) she is on medication and has to undergo infusions. She has also had a course of chemotherapy for her kidneys which became damaged one night suddenly causing her to hallucinate and have to be rushed off into hospital. Since 3 years ago when she has had kidney problems she has experienced quite a lot of impaired memory. The impaired memory actually started when she got lupus however I have noticed a change in the way she does not seem to grasp what I am saying or meaning when I speak. For example, I explicitly said next time my sister is up from the south we are going to go for a just family meal. I have every right to request and have a family meal out - I am having to constantly hint and remind my friend with lupus that it's family only - I have had to be very strict with this because my friend has gradually intruded more and more on my family life by insisting on being friend with my sister - sometimes instead of with me or ignoring me if she has accompanied us for a family meal. I personally find this very very embarrasing because it was me who went to school with my friend and sat next to her everyday in tutor group, NOT my sister. Everytime I have tried hinting at this - my friend almost does the opposite and I don't think she's doing it deliberately to wind me up!!!!

The biological explanation: she gets flare ups and becomes especially mentally confused and has an impaired memory when she gets an infection. At the moment she has a nail problem where half of her nail is infected. She refuses point blank to get stronger anti-biotics from the gp. This is fair enough it's her decision and it's good she trusts her gp who put her on ordinary anti-biotics. Harsh reality is - her finger and hands are getting increasingly redder and redder. She says this is caused by lupus. Ok enough said. However, I have a theory that the white blood cells (impaired and blinded in lupus) which causes the immune system to become impaired in lupus, is somehow transporting wrong language in the brain of the white cell (my theory is the white cells have a mini brain each too!) and somehow the brain is having a build up of dopamine in the brain which helps neurons in the brain interlink and communicate with each other. Somehow, just how if only I could build her up pschologically so she didn't need to comfort and support of my family, that she could somehow utilise her news friends that she has recently made - then somehow her brain would send down positive language words to make the infection heal up.

She's constantly on a downer and it's draining me of my energy. When she gets flare- ups I wish we could get round a social worker just to help out for a weekend when she's got a flare-up. Its drains her mum looking after her when she's got a flare - up and to be honest I wish we could get a lupus nurse specialist on the NHS because her legs completely swell up and she turns red in the face when she's got a flare-up. It's beyond our help and knowledge. I just hope her lupus doesn't get out of control.
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replied April 13th, 2011
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