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Lupus and TB Test

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My family has a history of lupus. My son is 4.5 years old. My son started from six months unexplained fever comes every two weeks and We were refered to a pediatrician. The pediatrician knew that our family had a history of Lupus and asked to do a TB testing. The medical lab was surprised why we are doing this test as the child has no mucus with blood. The lab tried to reach the doctor but was not able. I did not know what is a TB. I searched the net. I translated it to my original language. I fouond that my child had already vaccinated against TB. I called again the clinic and informed them that he is already vaccinated against it. They said this will complicate the results but let us do the test anyway. The child developed a little spot of red rash around his ankle. I read on the net that TB can trigger Lupus. Is that true?
"Preventive measures such as influenza and pneumococcal vaccination, TB testing, and patient education regarding the dangers of ultraviolet light, a prudent diet, and exercise will also assure patient satisfaction and improved health status."

I have heard that ppd can cause lupus, and other auto imune desease, is this correct? d=20100915001427AAswunV

Now I am not sure why the pediatrician asked for the test. What she was looking for? Did I make a mistake doing this test? Is that true about the TB testing relation and Lupus?

Can anyone please advise?
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