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Lupus and pscycological weakness

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I am baffled why I cannot cannot convince someone with lupus to finally after 12 years - yes 12 years of leaving sixth form to actually act like a grown-up. My child hood memories of secondary and my memories of people in my and my friend's year are precious and private to me. My friend constantly thinks it's ok to hang out with my sister when I'm away from the area and as a consequence, my memories are being retraced privately in my mind.

This all started when my friend actually got lupus - she stuck to my sister like a magnet. It has taken me 12 years of hard slog to actually work out what's going wrong with people with lupus and I'm convinced it affects you pscycological and in some cases like my friends - really needs to deal with her behaviour towards people. She's missing out on subtleties I have to explain very simple things like 'private family meal' or 'need some space' in quite some detail before she twigs on what this means ie. leaving me alone for a bit or not inviting herself along to family meals.

What really gets me down is there seems to be very little I can do to help with her lupus - I have tried reading round the subject to know it's causes because I know it's only because she's tired and is lacking in energy that makes her phone my sister when I'm out of the area however she doesnt realise other people also have problems which she is unwittingly contributing to!!!!

Anyone got any suggestions?
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replied April 6th, 2011
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