Is anyone else able to compare people who have lupus who also display symtoms of bipolar as well?
Somone I know who has lupus sometimes sees only black - but the thing is she doesn't realise she's bringing other people down with her, including me a little bit. I wish she would accept that her lupus really is taking over her whole body and
therefore causing bipolar swings - where she's happy as larry one minute and sees extreme blackness darkness doom and gloom the next minute.

The trouble is on ocassions, normally when she's about to have and is having a lupus flare up - she kind of starts to act dramatically and irrationally as well - for example she suddenly goes into our past history and starts inviting my whole family round to her family house - this is something we did years ago and yes it's nice but she only does this at the wrong time when she's having a flare up - and doesn't know just how visual her bipolar is when she's having a flare up.

How do you get someone with lupus to get help for bipolar - she's a very determined opinionated person who nears to be on death's door to get help!
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replied April 5th, 2011
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