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Lung Pain or chest muscles?

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For the past 5 Months I have been having a chest pain on my left side, which sometimes goes into my upper back (I feel like it is in my lungs). Around the same time I started to feel this pain I started to lift some weights and exercise to get into shape so at first I just thought that this was caused by muscle pains. But I have stop the exercising for a bit to see if the pain would go away but it is still there.
I do not feel this pain all the time, it is an off and on pain. and sometimes it is in the morning and some times it is at night. I feel that the pain is coming from my left lung. I notice the pain slightly with I breath in but I notice it lot more when I reach my arms out or twist my upper torso. When I twist my upper torso I can also feel the pain in my upper back. It almost feels like a stabbing pain at with the reaching or the twisting. When I am feeling this pain I feel the need to cough and this coughing hurts but when I do cough I bring up Flem and it gives some relief. Does anyone have any ideas as to what this can be?
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