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Lung, breast, thyroid or lymphatic cancer? Very Worried

48 yr old female. have had swollen lymph nodes neck, ear, every where over 2 years. Have painful swelling over breastbone that swells nearly to my neck then recedes constantly, with small, hard lymph nodes on left side of breast bone. Breast pain. Tired, malaise. Pain under left shoulder blade. Dr. ignoring symptoms. Numbness and tingling hands and face. No appetite. Smoker for 10 yrears.

The pain from the underarm nodes very painful. Recent basic, automated CBC normal. I have Hashimoto's thyroditis and newly developed lump over thyroid. Multiple cysts on thyroid with one larger than my trachea (ultrasound from 2 years prior).

Very upset as I am a healthcare professional, yet the doctors do not listen and call me a hypochondriac. I don't want to find out that I have serious illness or cancer and have been ignored because of my other health issues. Thank you. No insurance.
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replied November 21st, 2012
I have one word for you: Naturopath! They will not ignore your symptoms.
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replied December 16th, 2012
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I recommend researching Glutathione, It is related to many disorders & diseases. It has helped and educated me in proactive practises.
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