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lumps on penis shaft not sure if their normal or not?

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Hi, im 29 years old I've slept with around 10 partners since i was 16 and approx 4 in the last 3-4 years and now I've spotted small skin coloured bumps on my shaft at the top and bottom, they look like hair follicles at the bottom (mainly white ish in colour) and come about half way up my shaft but have no hair !!! and at the top of my shaft and aprrox 1" down i have more skin type colour bumps on the sides and underneath but not on the top :S their mainly small approx 0.5-1mm but theres one a bit bigger about 2mm max. they seem to be spread out in a group of around 15-20.
Any idea? can't say I've checked much in the past so not sure if their normal or not? Ive researched genital warts etc and can't say the look like them as all the pics seem to be extreme.
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replied April 4th, 2012
Wouldnt be able to say for sure without seeing the bump (not asking to :/ ) but it sounds like hair follices. If you press up from the other side, so the bumps push out away from the skin, do they look kinda white? I have those closer to my testicles and they ended up growing hair as i got older
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