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Lumps on chest from playing sport

I have 2 bone like lumps on my chest from elbows in football matches this year and last, the first just under the sternum last year was x-rayed an shown nothing , the second lump over the lung this year i got an ultra sound and it showed nothing yet i still have breathing pain when playing sport and the right hand side of my chest feels really tight ,can somebody help me because my local docs have done nothing and everyone can feel the lumps and i still cannot play sport because shortnes of breath and lumps still sticking out can anyone help
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replied June 30th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

The ribs attach to the sternum through the costochondral cartilages. So, there is a short segment of cartilage between the bony ribs and the bony sternum. Many times, in contact sports, were the bone attaches to the cartilage can actually be separated. When it heals, many times, there is a palpable lump. The area around the lump can be tender and when breathing, it puts stress across that healing segment, causing pain. And it's cartilage, so it won't show up on x-ray or ultrasound. Occasionally, it will show up on CT or MRI.

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do about this injury, except let mother nature take her course. Sometimes, antiinflammatory medicine will help a little. Binding of the ribs, though the doctors don't recommend it in acute rib injuries, will sometimes help in chronic cases. As long as the binder is only used during activity and the person takes it off for deep breathing exercises (to prevent pneumonia).

Hope you get to feeling better soon, so you can play again. Good luck.
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