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Hi everyone,

First off, If this is not the right place to post this please, Let me know so I may remove it and put it where it should be with an appology to you all.

But im hoping someone can help with my symptoms or someone can help who has been through this or is going through it. Or just flat out tell me what it could be.

About a month and a half ago I felt a little pebble like hard bump in my right eye(left side of it toward nose)with no pain, no redness, no itching, basically no other symptoms, stuff online said these can be normal and if no other symptoms should go away on own. Ok great!!! so out of site out of mind because this thing is so far up there u cant see it. I can just feel it through my eyelide(and no the bump is and was not in or on my eyelid ive had clogged ducts and styes ect...) fwd to a few weeks ago I felt another 2 bumps on the same eye on the right side, They are right next to each other and are both bigger then the one that started out in that eye. I say had because the one I had, Is gone. Also, It was that time I had a new vision was and still to this day is being effected. I can't walk downstairs without misstepping and/or becoming off balance from my eye site messing with me so bad and I cant see as good with my glasses on(last eye exam was one yr ago in november)as before this.

Fast fwd to a week ago a new bump on my left eye super tiny in the upper inside left corner. I still have the 2 bumps that have not grown in size but along with the balance issue and vision loss I am now getting horrible headaches(migraines)behind my eyes.

Now I know you will all say go to ur doctor and I agree immensely. I have made an appt. The purpose of the post you ask......I am just looking for someone who has possibly had the same thing or can share any information about it and help ease the anxiety of feeling like I am Thanks so much to all who even just read my post. All information or opinions are so appreciated and would be helpful cause im at a loss.


*2 hard Pebble shaped bumps on right eyeball
*1 hard tiny pebble shaped bump on left eyeball
*Vision loss
*Vision problems resulting in missing steps on stairs and my balance when going down steps
*migraines behind both eyes more severe behind eye with 2 bumps

Thank you in advance and sorry for such a long drawn out post. I am just trying to give as much info as I can. Thanks again.

If you need to know more or have any questio s that might help you figure out the issue please ask away. I will help anyway I can to Help you help

Sarah Hav
Wife and Mom of 3.
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