I woke up about 2 weeks ago short of breath.. that has since improved however I have had an uncomfortable feeling when swallowing. I've had some chest pain too.. I looked at the back of my throat and saw a big lump on one side and big one on the other. I don't know if these are my tonsils or if they are something else.. they are half on my pharyngeal wall and half what appears to be behind my tonsils.. they are not painful but I can feel the big one when I swallow!

I'm 22, non-smoker (did smoke for 3 years in my teens), moderate alcohol use.

Obviously I've done the relevant googling and found throat and oral cancer to be the most likely option (isn't cancer always when you use the internet!?)

Picture can be found here: http://[image removed]*/r/29nwfhe/8

Can anyone give me any idea? I'm due to see a GP next week however I would like an opinion to put my mind at rest,

Thank you!
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