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lump with menstrual cycle

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I have a lump that comes and goes on my pelvic area on the right side by my leg and pubic bone two weeks before i start my menstrual it swells up and is painful but when my menstrual start it goes away like it was never there. my mensrtual flow is normal and i start every 28 days can someone tell me what could this be i'm very concerned and worried
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replied August 20th, 2009
lump in the neck before menstruation
i have the same problem since last month but the lump is is my neck. Therefore I am getting it checked by the dr tomorrow.

U also go and see a doctor
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replied August 28th, 2009
Small lump before and during menstrual cycle.
I have same issue, my small lump comes on my pelvic right below my abdomen every menstrual cycle but vanishes on the 6th or 7th day during my cycle. Though it doesn't hurt, there is slight tingling when i touch it. I am really curious to know what it is and why I get it every cycle.
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