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Lump under right rib cage + pain in right shoulder blade

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I've not been feeling well for about a year now. I'm just going to list my symptoms as its easier


- migraines

- rapid heart rate

- frequent upset stomach

- fatigue

These symptoms seem to be worse in the morning. I just feel like I'm falling apart and don't know what to do. I have an appt booked for the doctors but for 3 weeks time!! So thought I'd get your opinions too. I recently went to the doctors with severe pain in my right shoulder blade to the point where I couldn't move my neck to the right - and no I didn't sleep funny. They advised it seemed as though something had popped out of place as I had a few muscle knots, and that a list of exercises that they gave me should do the trick on top of stronger ibuprofen. It did get rid of a lot of the pain but i have never really gotten rid of it - some days it's really painful, other days bearable. However, I've now noticed a lump that has developed under my right rib cage. I can't feel it when stood up or lying flat as it seems to go under the rib cage. I can only feel it when sat down, and sometimes it's as if it's leaning on something under my rib cage which can make it really uncomfortable. Sometimes when I take a deep breath in and out (while sat down) it seems to go under my ribs when breathing in (especially when I suck my stomach in) and then pops out from under the ribs when I breathe out. It seems as though it's quite far in under the skin and I can't work out whether it's a fatty lump or a bony lump. It's not necessarily painful but quite uncomfortable sometimes.

After doing some searches on the Internet with these symptoms, obviously the most worrying one that comes up is some kind of cancer (hodgkins and liver cancer seem to be the ones that appear the most) it also seems that then pain in my shoulder blade links to the lump under my rib. I am getting quite worried because of all the other symptoms I've got.

I am a 19 year old male, and just getting fed up now as I shouldn't feel like this. I'm quite tall and average weight.

I might be worth adding, that recently I seem to have put on more weight than necessary, and my diet has not changed. It doesn't seem to be fatty weight, just more bloatedness around the stomach area.

Any help is appreciated as I'm starting to get a bit worried now.
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replied October 1st, 2012
Pain/Lump in ribcage area
@Ashley12497...I have had the same ongoing problem(s), I continued to complain, and finally on a E.R visit, an MRI was done, and a mass was found! No other method ever detected it; I.e. x-ray, ultra sound, or CAT scan. It ended up being a fairly large lypoma, it was causing nerve pain, and resting on other organs, it was also discovered that I had alot of adhesions; predominantly in my colon. The lypoma was removed, and was approximately a foot long, and resembled a sausage, thereafter I developed a hematoma due to the size of the lypoma. This may be something you want to relay to ur physician ...I was beginning to think I was crazy, but I knew the pain was real, I don't want u to hf to go thru what I did. Hope this helps!
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