I have a lump under my breast "NOT" in my breast and it hurts so bad.It hurts under my armpit,down my side and in my back and my breast also pains. My platelets are low and potassium is low and my vitamin d is low. I also feel a lump in my back but you can"t see it like my other one in front. What do you think this could be? I really need to know what could be going on any advice is helpfull. THANKS
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replied May 1st, 2013
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You have to be careful with any lump in the vicinity of the breast. Breast tissue can actually be located in the soft tissue around the part of the breast which "sticks out".

So, it could still be a "breast tissue lump".

But, there are other causes of lumps. One of the most common is a lipoma, but these usually do not cause discomfort.

If the lump is red or inflamed, it could be a local infection. It might be a sebascous cyst or dermoid cyst.

Since it is causing discomfort and it is located near the breast, you should have it evaluated.

Good luck.
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