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Lump under my arm

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I found a lump under my arm. I just had a baby 1 week ago and I am breastfeeding, could this have anything to do with breastfeeding? I am going for an ultrasound tomorrow.
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replied April 15th, 2008
Lump under arm
I had my son on January 4th 2008- about 3 months ago. I stopped breastfeeding my son out of my right breast about a month ago due to a cracked and bleeding nipple. After stopping the feeding, I got three pimple like soars, almost like blisters, on my boob. My son also developed the same sore on his chin. Then I got a rash in both my arm pits, but I continued to shave. About a week ago, I developed large painful bumps in just my right armpit- deep pimple like volcano soars. It started with one in the middle of my armpit and then 6 big bumps form in a half circle around that one. I have never experienced anything like this before. I went to the doctor and he said that after pregnancy the skin changes pH and that these soars are common. He gave me a bacteria cream to apply twice a day as well as antibiotics. My doctor told me to stop using deodorant and after applying the cream to cover my armpits with baby powder. To be honest, the baby powder is what eased my discomfort. So, anyone out there with this problem, just remember to take antibiotics once a day for 1 week (I don't like antibiotics, but when the soars burst it can cause staff infection if you don't take it), clean the area with gentle soap twice a day (I used the ultra mild top-to-toe baby wash I bought for my son), then cover the area with baby powder. I thought I would start smelling of BO, but with washing the area twice a day and using the baby powder, I never smelled bad. It's been one week since I last saw my doctor and the soars are almost completely gone. I think the bumps formed because I stopped breast feeding. Posted by Sofia
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