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Lump under left armpit


I'm a 22yr old female and I've recently found a small lump under my left armpit. I've also recently been suffering from a persistent cough for which my GP gave me an inhaler. In addition to this I've also felt fatigued and had headaches and been feeling constantly nauseas. Also abit depressive and negative. I'm taking a contraceptive pill so I don't think I could be pregnant. I saw a Dr about the lump and he gave me some antibiotics saying that it could be an infection. However he didn't really do a thorough checkup or ask any background questions, and after reading some info online, I'm abit worried about cancer...should I see another practitioner, or am I just being paranoid?

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replied September 9th, 2009
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If the swelling appeared suddenly and it is painful, tender to touch and doesn't feel hard, there is no need for worry.
Swollen lymph node due to infection will disappear within two weeks.
Swollen lymph node that is hard and not painful, doesn't easily move under skin, can indicate something more serious like breast cancer (breast cancer can affect the lymph nodes under armpit before the breast tissue itself).
Another symptoms you are experiencing are most likely due to asthma.
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